Giving you more time on farm

Fits seamlessly with your farm.

Tell the app how you farm. Customising Cloud Farmer to work with your farm is easy and there’s no extra charge. Need an extra stock class? No problem.

Compliance, stress free.

Your operational data is stored in table format, making it quick and simple for you, a consultant, or the auditor to access and export information.


Stay organised and up to date wherever you are.

Even if you’re in the back gully or on the road, Cloud Farmer works offline so your records are always with you.

Less admin, more farming.

At the end can you add: No mobile coverage needed

Cloud Farmer an integral part of Kereru Farm

The right solution

Simon was over notebooks on farm and the dog eating the shepherd’s notebook (true story) was the last straw. “We made the move to Cloud Farmer a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back.” says Simon. When looking at alternative options for the notebook Simon and Trudy considered FarmIQ, but decided it was too focused on analysis and they already had FARMAX for that, “we wanted something simple that would allow us to record all of our day-to-day info. Cloud Farmer does everything we need and doesn’t cost a fortune”.

Time saver

Simon and Trudy have found Cloud Farmer to be a real time saver especially when it comes to planning and being prepared for an audit. The planner in Cloud Farmer has been invaluable on Kereru Farm, Simon says, “most Sundays I have the whole week planned out in Cloud Farmer, at our Monday morning meeting we quickly run through what’s on for the week.” The whole team can see the plan for the week no matter where they are and that means everyone is on the same page.

Come audit time Simon isn’t having to spend time getting all of his records in order. It’s all in Cloud Farmer because they’ve been recording as they go. “The biggest thing Cloud Farmer is really good for is Farm Assurance. I just open the computer and it’s all there, real information! Not information I had to scramble around to find the morning of the audit.” says Simon.


Simon and the team are diligent at filling out the diary, “we keep a really good diary in Cloud Farmer, for me that’s really important. The staff keep good notes in the diary that we can all look back on. They can also see what I’ve done, which makes them more involved and allows them think one step ahead and a level above.”

Try Cloud Farmer on your farm

Our trial lets you test drive Cloud Farmer on your farm.

There are no catches, it’s completely free—no credit card required.

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Try Cloud Farmer on your farm

Our trial lets you test drive Cloud Farmer on your farm. There are no catches, it’s completely free—no credit card required.
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What Cloud Farmer can do

Cloud Farmer is your one stop shop for all your day to day farm recording, think of it as your digital notebook but smarter, quicker and more convenient.

Stock records

You can record pretty much anything from sales and purchases to health treatments. Need to record something unique? Just ask and we’ll help you add it. Drop down menus makes recording fast and accurate. You can take and save a photo against a record, for example your ASD form or the batch number on the drench container.

Paddock records

Record anything from spray and fert to irrigation. Drop down menus make data entry quick and consistent. If you need to record something that’s not already in Cloud Farmer we can easily add that functionality.

Planner and diary

Get organised and stay on top of things. Jot down the tasks for the week in the planner for the team to see. Use the diary to note down what ‘actually’ happened each day and any observations. It’s all saved in one location making it simple to look back and see what happened in previous years.


From the desktop version you can change what and how you record information in the app. You can export any info that you’ve recorded so you can run unlimited reports. If you’re doing any analysis it’s a lot easier to view your farm info on the desktop version.


Use Cloud Farmer to record your environmental actions, from riparian planting through to stock exclusion fencing, and create some proof behind your environmental journey. Save your Farm Environment Plan to Cloud Farmer so it’s a live document that’s available at any time in your pocket.


Keep track of the team with our flexible and simple time sheets—great for casuals. All your health and safety needs are covered with an inbuilt H&S plan (all part of your monthly subscription). You can also store training records and any KPI’s for the team.

Our free, no commitment 14-day trial is the best way to see what Cloud Farmer is all about. We’ll even talk you through how Cloud Farmer works and show you how easy it is to change the app to work alongside your farm. Once you’ve signed up, we can fully customise the app, provide any further training for the team and you’ll also receive free ongoing support.
“Cloud Farmer has been a great solution for us, we haven’t had to change the way we run our farm. We were able to customise Cloud Farmer to suit how we operate at Te Karoa Farms.”
Helen Linssen & Jeff Martin
Te Karoa Farms, Kaeo
“MPI were most impressed when they came to do an audit. I was able to quickly show them records for chemical inventory, my stock treatments, the diary/notices—they were amazed and just ticked everything off!”
Caroline Smith
Chipinga, Te Pohue
"Cloud Farmer is an essential tool that I use every day at Papanui. It is a one stop shop for recording stock movements and animal health treatments. The diary is useful because all the whole team can access it and be fully aware of what’s planned for the coming weeks."
Sam Hurley
Papanui Station, Taihape
"For us we get enormous value from Cloud Farmer's ability to hold a huge amount of information in one spot and ensure the flow of info between staff is happening"
Paul Sherwood
Otamauri Station, Hawke's Bay

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