Getting info out of heads and soggy notebooks at Clayton Station.

Todays Shout Out is to Hamish & Anna Orbell from Clayton Station, South Canterbury

Clayton Station is a 4100ha property based near Fairlie running deer, sheep and cattle.  Hamish and Anna run a fairly large operation with up to 5 staff .  They had previously tried a couple of other farm record keeping software programs but found that they just weren’t up to scratch, and in particular had found their singular focus didn’t meet the full breadth of their needs.

This is where the ‘over the fencepost’ conversation comes in handy – a neighbour had recommended Cloud Farmer so Hamish decided to give it a trial and see how it compared to the software they were using at the time. For Clayton Station, Cloud Farmer has everything they need and nothing they don’t. It was simple enough that everyone in the team could use it and in Hamish’s case it provides a bridge for getting the stock records and on-farm information out of the heads and soggy notebooks of staff and into the hands of the management team.

Great to have you onboard!

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