Today’s Shout Out – Willowbank Farm, Wellington

Willowbank is pretty unique. 1800acres of rugged breeding country overlooking Wellington City within almost spitting distance of the city centre. And talking about spitting, as well as managing 2,000 sheep and 200 cattle, the manager Paul also has 60 Alpacas to manage, hence Paul’s Stock Rec has an extra stock class or two. The other additional stock class is the horses – 18 of them in total as the owners have a stud and breed Missouri Fox Trotters. Paul loves technology and was thrilled that Cloud Farmer worked for recording the more traditional side of their business, could be used for communication and information sharing between him and his farm staff, and had the ability to customise to meet some of their more unique requirements. His next project is creating an extra page on Cloud Farmer for the quarry that they’re operating on the farm. All that rock for Transmission Gully has to come from somewhere!

Some of our clients have simple operations and just need to placate the auditor. Others, like Paul and the team at Willowbank, have a few different things going on and love the flexibility offered by being able to customise Cloud Farmer. Whatever your farm needs are, check us out. We even have a free, no obligation trial and it’s so easy that no fancy training required.

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