Today’s Shout Out – Willie Falloon, Wairarapa

Today’s Shout Out is to Willie Falloon from Pinebank Waigroup Angus near Gladstone, Wairarapa.  Willie’s known for his passion for farming and love of pushing boundaries (and resulting worry lines every summer when the dry hits!).  They have an interesting business model that involves helping others into farming via leasing arrangements, they won Wairarapa Sheep & Beef Farm Business of the Year in 2017, they own a top performing angus stud and are generally considered great operators.  But like most farm owners, Willie didn’t grow up with technology and smart phones don’t work in Long Bush Valley.  In fact when they won farmer of the year in 2017, their farm summary noted  ‘technology’ as one of their weaknesses.  However they know the value of having a finger on the pulse, that compliance is only going to get trickier, and that in order to be great employers they need to  equip their staff with the tools and information necessary.  So we’re pretty chuffed that they’ve recently come on board as Cloud Farmer clients, and that the simplicity and straightforward nature of Cloud Farmer means that Willie and his team have jumped in boots and all. 


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