Today’s Shout Out – Ngamatea Station, Taihape

Ngamatea Station is a big operation. Wintering approx 100,000su over 70,000acres, at altitude, and with 18 staff, a Farm Advisor to keep in touch with and family owners to report to, it’s fair to say the manager Jessee and his wife Jess have a big job ahead of them. Can you imagine the audit requirements? Well, that’s the nightmare they were faced with.

Jessee and Jess have found the simplicity of the programme and the ease of customising it to an operation of their scale an absolute bonus, and although they’ve got a large team of people inputting data, it’s so simple and straightforward to use that there’s no excuse for information not to be collected at the time it happened. Cloud Farmer is also super simple to access and view so their advisor and owners can see what’s going on with the touch of a button. Ngamatea’s original driver for going to Cloud Farmer was to placate their farm auditor but they didn’t expect it to be this easy – or cheap, especially when compared to the huge amount of value it adds to their business!

Think your business is complicated? Have a chat to our team and let them show you how we can make your life nice and easy.

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