Cloud Farmer provides Te Karoa Farms with a unique but simple solution.

Jeff Martin and Helen Linssen

Seamless integration

Every farm is unique and each farmer knows the best way to run their property. Finding a technology solution that works with your farm and integrates seamlessly isn’t always easy. Helen Linssen and Jeff Martin of Te Karoa Farms have found the perfect solution to their farm recording headaches.

The Cloud Farmer app provides Helen and Jeff with one place to record, store and share all of their farm records. They’re able to record anything and everything instantly on their phone on farm. “Cloud Farmer is a great solution for us, we haven’t had to change the way we run our farm. We were able to customise Cloud Farmer to suit how we operate.” says Jeff.

One place

Before Cloud Farmer all records on Te Karoa Farms were kept manually. Because the farm is made up of three properties, animal health records would end up in three different places. “Having one place for all of our record keeping has saved us so much time. We know exactly where to look for any records” says Helen. Weekly planning, stock records, vehicle servicing and more recently environmental recording is all entered in Cloud Farmer. “Using technology has made a huge difference, we can now enter and view information on the spot.” says Helen.


On Te Karoa Farms environmental recording isn’t an extra task, but rather an integral part of running a successful farm. Being able to use Cloud Farmer for their environmental recording has made this process even more seamless. “Cloud Farmer have been proactive and have suggested other ways that we can use the app to record anything from riparian fencing to pest control.” says Jeff. A key point of difference is the ability to easily customise the app at no extra cost. “Finding a piece of technology that is flexible and simple to use is almost unheard of. But Cloud Farmer is both of those things.” says Jeff.


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