Today’s Shout Out – Pakowhai, Wairoa

Tim Brownlie runs a sheep and beef breeding and finishing farm near Wairoa in Northern Hawke’s Bay. On the property he also grows cash and fodder crops along with kiwifruit and citrus. Detailed record keeping is a really important part of Tim’s operation. Compliance for Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) is a requirement for kiwifruit growers and farming is heading the same way fast. This coupled with Tim’s Farm Assurance Plan (NZFAP) audit due for renewal he knew he needed a more efficient way to record and store his farm info especially for compliance.

Tim looked to Cloud Farmer because it was adaptable—the records Tim needs to record are quite diverse. He also needed something that was simple, easy to use and would always be with him. In the past Tim used a Collins Diary or capture the information via text, “in the past I’ve been pretty average at recording detailed information consistently. I explained to Kirsten from Cloud Farmer what I needed and what I didn’t. She was able to customise Cloud Farmer to suit my farm and I now have something simple and user friendly that I will actually use” says Tim.

Tim like most farmers would rather be out on the farm farming than being stuck inside doing admin. Cloud Farmer is designed to make record keeping less of a hassle, “having the Cloud Farmer app on my phone means I have it with me at all times, I can enter the info right there and then. I’m a lot more likely to remember to do it and removes the hassle of doing it when you get home.” says Tim.

Great to have you on board Tim, it’s awesome that we could deliver you a solution that works for you and your farm. Being able to record what you need as it happens will allow you to have up-to-date and more complete records. Hopefully meeting all your audit requirements will be a lot less stressful.

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