Todays Shout Out – Bendigo Station, Central Otago

New users this week include John Perriam and the team at Bendigo Station, Cromwell.  As well as gaining infamy for one seriously wooly sheep (Shrek), they’re also known for their savvy approach to business.  They have shown that with some vision, determination and some seriously bold decisions it’s possible to turn a rabbit strewn, rocky outcrop of dirt in Central Otago into a dynamic,  multi-faceted business.  These days they’re a family of entrepreneurs and successful business people, and Bendigo is now fattening dairy heifers on irrigated flats, and winning international awards for wine grown on its river terraces.  They’ve had books published about them and been industry leaders in turning fine wool into a success story.  This week they’re adding Cloud Farmer to their tool box and we’re pretty chuffed to have them onboard.

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