Hate Typing On Your Phone?

The talk to text feature on your phone is really handy and perfect for updating the diary in the app. All you need to do is tap the microphone icon on your phones keyboard (the location of that icon depends on your phone—check out the image above.) Once you’ve tapped the icon you’ll be able to start talking and your phone will automatically start typing.


  1. Speak clearly and slow down a wee bit.
  2. Make sure your finger isn’t over the microphone.
  3. Have your mouth close to the microphone, especially if you’re outside.
  4. If you need punctuation you’ll have to say comma, full stop, new line, new paragraph. Have a play and see what words work on your phone.
  5. Edit any typos once you’ve finished talking.
  6. You can also use this functionality in other sections and even to send a text or an email—pretty much anywhere you need to type and where the microphone icon appears.
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