COVID-19 Management Tool

Would you pass a MPI spot check?

MPI are driving down farm driveways and spot checking that farms are meeting their COVID-19 obligations. If you’re not sure whether you’d pass the spot check then it’s time to start using our free COVID-19 management tool. Here’s how the tool can help you and your farm.

Farm protocols

Document and share your protocols around COVID-19. We’ve already loaded in a few standard ones for you, but you can customise these to suit your farm.

Visitor log

Quickly and easily record all visitors to your farm.

Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU)

Upload a MOU to Cloud Farmer and share it with your staff so they can sign it digitally in Cloud Farmer.


Access all the key information about your staff and farm from the one place to make a spot check nice and easy.

Essential documents

Store all of your documents in one easy to access place. We’ve loaded a few essential documents provided by other third parties so you have all the info you need in one place.

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